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Care Guide - How To Care For Hair Extensions

It's important to give proper care to your hair extensions; if you follow the advice below; they should last as long as possible and continue to look soft, shiny and healthy.

Here are some tips for keeping your extensions in top condition for as long as possible.

When brushing hair extensions, use a hair extensions loop brush. Brush gently in a downward motion beginning at the ends of the hair, and then work your way up finishing at the roots. After brushing, spray the hair extensions with a glossifier for a silky smooth finish, we suggest brushing your hair extensions 2-3 times daily.

Always brush the extensions gently before washing to detangle.
Use a shampoo & conditioner that is formulated for dry or damaged hair - this will add moisture to the extensions and will keep them looking better for longer.
Shampoo & conditioner should be applied to the hair in a downward motion from the top of the extensions to the ends. Do not twist, rub or scrub the hair.
Gently lather shampoo until hair is clean then rinse thoroughly under warm water. Apply conditioner, leave for a minimum of 5 minutes and then rinse. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp and bond area.
Squeeze out excess water and gently pat with a towel. Blow-dry the hair on a low setting. For best results, use an ionic hairdryer.
Do not use products that contain sulphur, Sulphate, Silicones or Protein such as dandruff shampoos.

What types of products should I use?
Moisture is the most important thing. Use styling products that are zero or low alcohol. IMPORTANT - When applying conditioner or leave-in conditioner treatments, cover the top section of your natural hair and length of your extensions only. Please avoid applying too much conditioner to your bonds as sometimes conditioner can make them slide out. If you find that your bonds are sliding out, then please change your shampoo and conditioner you are using, to prevent this. We also stock a range of haircare products designed especially for hair extensions, please view our haircare range.

Can I brush, curl, straighten, blow dry and wash my hair extensions?
Yes. This is your new hair. Due to its high quality, our extensions will always remain smooth and silky. You can have fun with any style you desire. You will find that you don't need to wash your hair everyday as your hair will stay clean and curled for days.

Never twist or rub your hair extensions. This will cause the hair to tangle. Wrap your hair in a towel to remove excess moisture. You can then leave the hair to air dry or dry on low heat with a hair dryer. Always make sure to thoroughly dry the area where your hair extensions are bonded to your hair. Failure to dry this area properly will eventually break down the bond area and the hair extensions may slip from your hair.

Straightening & Styling:
Always use a heat protectant on your hair when using heat styling tools such as straighteners, curlers, crimpers, and hair dryers. Please ensure that your heat protectant does not contain silicone as this itself is damaging. Using heat styling tools on hair extensions can dry them out if used on too high a heat, or too often. It is essential to use a protectant on the hair to help minimize damage. Always use styling tools on a low heat.

Always brush your hair extensions prior to going to bed. Plait or tie your hair extensions into a ponytail before going to bed.
Never go to sleep with wet extensions! Make sure your hair extensions are completely dry before going to bed.

When swimming with your hair extensions leave your hair down or tie in a ponytail. Do not put the hair extensions in a bun.
We suggest wetting your hair with tap water prior to entering the water, apply conditioner, and also braiding it. Salt water, and the chemicals found in swimming pools can decrease the longevity of your hair extensions. Immediately rinse your hair again once you have finished swimming.

Will anyone notice I am wearing them?
No. Due to the quality of Gorgeous hair extensions, they look very natural and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing them! It is very important to choose the right colour and application to suit your hair and style. To create the most natural look, you might need to trim your hair extensions a little so they are layered to blend in with your natural hair.

Tape Hair:
Do not wash your hair for 72 hours after application. This ensures the bonds have had time to adhere properly to your hair. If you are colouring Tape Hair do not apply colour to the bond area.

Clip In Extensions:
We recommend washing your clip in extensions only when required. They do not need washing after every use. The least amount of times you wash the hair, the longer it will last. Do not put them all at once in a sink to wash as they will tangle. Wash each piece on its own by gently placing it in water and running your hand down the length of the hair with shampoo. Repeat with conditioner.

Storing Clip In Extensions:  Gently brush your extensions after taking them out. Store them in a ptotect me bag and hanger which is available to purchase on our website.