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General hair extensions questions

When it comes to gorgeous, flowing locks, no one does it better than the Kardashians, especially Khloe. As a famous fashionista, Khloe uses only the highest grade 100% real human Remy hair extensions. Real human Remy hair gives the most realistic, healthy and versatile result and can be used by anyone, even those with short hair. Remy hair comes in a range of extension types including clip in, tape and weft extensions, with Khloe reportedly using both clip in and tape extensions to take her short bob to a long mane of beautiful hair.

Are hair extensions bad for your hair?

No, when applied by a professional with expert advice hair extensions are perfectly safe for your hair. To make sure you don’t experience any discomfort or damage to your hair, make sure you choose the right extension for your hair type and condition and have them applied by an experienced hairdresser. The best way to do this is to consult your hairdresser before buying your extensions, or to buy them from the hairdresser who will put them in to make sure you get the best results possible. As with anything, taking care of your extensions and natural hair will make sure your hair extensions are kept in the best condition.

Which hair extensions last the longest?

Fusion hair extensions will last the longest, however they are also the most permanent and expensive solutions. Also, once you remove fusion hair extensions, you can’t use them again. Tape in extensions, on the other hand, will need to be maintained every six weeks, but can be reused so end up being cheaper in the long run. When considering what type of hair extension lasts longer, also consider using high quality real human hair. It not only looks and feels like your own, it is versatile and can last the distance when it comes to treatment and styling.

Wearing hair extensions

Wearing hair extensions can dramatically change your look and make you feel like a million dollars. Good quality real 100% human hair extensions can be worn and styled just like your own, including heat styling with straighteners, curling irons and hairdryers. Wearing hair extensions should be painless and not cause any discomfort to your scalp or hair. Depending on what type of hair extensions you are wearing, you can wash and dye your hair just as normal with your extensions in. While clip in extensions need to be removed before washing, tape in and weft extensions can be worn during all your normal hair care routines.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Hair extensions should pose little risk to damaging your hair, but it does depend on the condition of your hair, the quality of the extensions and the application process you use. If you have very fragile, thin hair, weft applications and heavy synthetic extensions can risk being too heavy for your hair. However, for those with strong, healthy hair, extensions should not cause any damage. Always consult your hairdresser before getting extensions; for the best result and to keep your hair in healthy condition, it is essential to have your extensions professionally applied.

What hair extensions are best for thin hair?

Having thin hair doesn’t mean you miss out on having hair extensions, it simply means you need to be more cautious and selective on the type of extensions you use. Tape in extensions are the best type for thin hair as they aren’t as heavy and don’t put as much strain on the hair. The beauty of tape in extensions is that you can use just one side of the extensions to even further minimise the weight of the new hair, and therefore reduce the stress on your thin hair.

Where to put hair extensions

Hair extensions are applied to the hair at the root, close to the scalp. Where on the head you place the extensions will depend on how many extensions you need and/or want, and what results you are looking for. For clip in extensions applied at home, section off your hair starting from the bottom, and after teasing the roots of the hair, clip the extension in to the teased hair as close to the scalp as possible. Once you have completed a section, let down approximately an inch of hair, then repeat the process. This will give you volume and length.

Are hair extensions haram?

The use of real human hair extensions is considered haram, however there are conflicting opinions on whether using synthetic or animal hair (other than pigs) are allowed. According to some scholars, synthetic hair extensions are permissible if the goal is beautification or ease of lifestyle. To clarify whether your choice of hair extension is haram always check the material it is made from, and advice of those you trust.

Where do hair extensions come from?

Where the hair for your extensions come from depends on the brand of the extensions you use. The hair used in Remy hair extensions have been cut from a healthy head of hair. The cut hair is hand picked strand by strand to ensure only the healthiest, most high quality hair is used. The hair is then treated and turned into extensions ready to be used and styled just like your own. Remy hair extensions can be styled, dyed and washed without losing their silky, smooth condition. Simply follow the correct care instructions for long lasting extensions.

How many hair extensions for a full head?

Each person’s head will require a different amount of extensions depending on size and current hair length, thickness and individual goals. Not only does it depend on your goals, it will also depend on how your hair and the extensions will be styled and cut. To make sure you get the best results, it’s always recommended you consult your hairdresser prior to purchasing extensions to get expert advice about not only how many extensions you’ll need, but also what extensions will be best for your hair and your goals. 

How are hair extensions put in?

There is a wide range of application methods for hair extensions, and which one will be right for you depends on the condition of your hair, your budget and what you are hoping to achieve. Clip in extensions are temporary and use a small clip to attach to your natural hair at the root. Tape hair extensions use an adhesive tape and sandwich your hair between two strips of extensions. Tape extensions can last up to six weeks and can be worn and styled as normal. Weave extensions use cornrows to create a track, then are stitched into the cornrow.

Why get hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to improve the look and feel of your hair. Not only can extensions instantly give you longer locks, you can also increase the volume of your hair for a thick, luscious head of hair. The beauty about extensions is you can choose the type that will best suit you. Whether you’re looking to permanently boost your volume or increase length, or you just want to have some fun and dress up for a special occasion, hair extensions give you the flexibility to change your appearance with easy applications.

What hair extensions do the Kardashians use?

There is no denying the Kardashian sisters have some of the best hair in Hollywood, but what many people don’t know is it’s often not all their own! While Khloé has been known to promote clip in hair extensions, over the years Kim and Kourtney have been known to use fusion extensions to permanently change their looks after a short bob, or to change it up on the red carpet. However, all the Kardashians use 100% real human hair no matter what type of application they use. So, to get the Kardashian look, simply find out what type of application will work for your hair and make sure you get 100% human hair extensions.

How hair extensions are done?

Hair extensions can be done a number of ways, from the temporary clip in hair extensions to semi-permanent weave extensions. The most common hair extensions are tape, clip in and weft extensions. The extensions are bonded to the hair at the root, near the scalp. To know what type of application will best suit your hair it is always recommended you seek the advice of your hair dresser before buying extensions, and also to always have them applied professionally.

Will hair extensions beep at airport?

Many people get worried about hair extensions beeping at airports, and rightly so. Nothing is quite as embarrassing or inconvenient as having to stop to remove hair extensions. Many metal clip in extensions will set security off, so are best left out of the hair until you have passed through metal detectors. Other extensions that use very small, metal rings in the weft will be fine to travel with, stress free. If you are concerned your extensions will be a security issue, it’s best to check on the airport website to see if they have any information. Airport security come across this question a lot and many airports provide information.

What hair extensions should I get?

This all depends on the type and condition of your hair, if you are looking for length or volume (or both) and how long you want your new look to last. If you have thin or fragile hair from heat or colour damage, tape extensions are the best option as they are lighter, and require less stress to be placed on the hair. For those with strong, thick hair you can choose your extension type based on the results you are hoping to achieve. If you are looking for long term solutions, weave wefts are a semi-permanent option. For those just looking for some temporary change or to play with a new look for a special event, clip in extensions give you just that, a new look you can take out at the end of the day.